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Lobby Hotel, Rooms and Suites, Seville, Spain

Where to stay in Seville

There are loads of hotels in Seville, Spain. Upmarket, hostels, big chain hotels and local home B&B’s in town out of town but if you want quirky and something special in a great location then staying at the Hotel Lobby, Seville is the place you need.

We booked this 4 star hotel and saw a few pictures on line but when we arrived, it was a jaw dropping experience. Pulling up in our taxi, being dropped off right outside 23 Reyes Catolicos, Seville the place looked a little strange. Not our usual hotel frontage, was our initial thought. Not an unpleasant thought it was just strange looking.

Walking into the small reception area, with lights shining all around the open space and then the large wooden doors behind (that would not look out of place in a castle) this place had a weird and quirky feel and one great vibe.

The excitement of getting to the room was almost uncontrollable. The receptionist welcomed us in. She spoke perfect English and was very helpful. She made sure we knew that we could ask her any questions. She made time to give us a local map and then write/draw arrows to where we needed to visit around the town.

She gave great ideas for where to eat and what to do, she also offered to book any excursions or trips and as part of the whole 4 star hotel experience. This was a little above and beyond what we were expecting but a very kind offer.

She kindly and efficiently checked us in but before handing over the key cards she asked for us to wait whilst she personally checked the room. This was to make sure everything was ready, taking our bags she disappeared. 

Minutes later she returned smiling and said we can go up, room 205 the Junior suite was ready for us.

This was the first time we ventured behind those big doors and the place was stunning. Using the lift and getting off at the second level, the big thick walls suggested this was a re purposed building. A check with Google said that we were going to be staying in a palace. This was the old Pickman Palace and it had been turned into this amazing space. With only 20 rooms, it meant it was going to be a cosy and relaxed place to stay without being disturbed by loads of other guests.

The room

Getting to the room was easy, seeing the big door and the fancy brass number across the bottom was just the beginning. Getting into the room, we stood there looking, stunned at the space, the decor and the size of the bed. The bed was huge, comfy and was the first place to be checked. The bed linen felt soft and new. The bed was incredibly comfortable, with a memory foam mattress and very long, memory foam pillows. It was just heaven!

This ‘junior suite’ was probably the best we had ever seen. Sofa’s, tables, an arm chair, large wardrobe, a kitchen area with a Nespresso coffee machine and with still loads of room in the middle of the room, it was a massive space. The lighting and decor was a shock, but when we started to get over it, the feeling of exuberance and class quickly replaced it.

The bathroom was another jaw dropper. The glowing orange sink and huge shower cubical in a well lit room seemed like the hotel owners were just showing off. Reminding ourselves we were in a palace, the smiles started to widen.

All the necessities were taken care of, big soft towels, great smelling potions and lotions and still loads of room to dry and sort ourselves out in front of the massive mirror over the sink.

All the modern needs of a traveler were taken care of, air conditioning, a fridge, kitchen area, a safe, an ironing board and iron, hairdryer and a big TV mounted on the wall with a remote keyboard. There were enough toys, buttons and gadgets to keep any techie geek interested for a few hours. Playing and messing with settings for lighting, moods and colours was fun and the changes we could see in the room as we did this was amazing.


If the room was not enough to content with breakfast was included. The breakfast room was on the first floor and was in the centre of the hotel, with funky tables and a great space. The ceiling was 2 floors high and the feeling of openness, with the bright light coming through the glass ceiling made it inviting and welcoming. 

Menus on the tables in both Spanish and English meant we could easily order food, but the staff spoke great English so there was little to worry about. On the side of the room, there was self service with fruit, cereals, bread, drinks and pastries.

Hot food was ordered and brought to the table with a smile and offers of coffee were taken to be prepared in the corner of the room, with a very complicated looking coffee machine. The food was fresh and the coffee was great.

Final thought

We loved the Lobby Hotel, it had only been open a month and we were lucky enough to experience this fresh, modern and very stylish place.
Although Seville is still a very Spanish town, the staff at the Lobby Hotel were great, they could speak English and were happy to do so.

We chatted to all the people on the reception and were told that they had a room better than the Junior suite. They have a Penthouse with a Jacuzzi on its own personal terrace. Had we known this we would have been wanting an upgrade! Maybe the next time we visit, we might be asking…

When we do return, we hope that they will have sorted their bug infestation. They were all over the hotel and were fun to hunt (metal ones hidden around).

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