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Having read so many pointless, glossy magazines which are about all kinds of products, services, holidays and gadgets, I saw that none of them gave a real review of the product, which I wanted to buy. Great products and services were being overlooked because they did not pay the magazine for it. I knew that there were better, more reliable, affordable local business out there, whom I would rather spend my money with, (whom all want to work with me).

I am Carl, the Chief Caveman Reviewer and I started Caveman Reviews so that I can shout about wonderful products and service. This site was launched on 1st July 2017 and it has grown into the site you see today. I have been able to work with people and companies like yours over the years and since it started, my site is now bigger, better, faster and stronger than I had ever hoped for. My motto is simple – “If I like it, others will too!

Take a look at what I do. I review the products and deliver my thoughts, simply, honestly and as I use them. I want my reviews to reflect the true value of the product and service. My posts are designed not only to be read, but enjoyed and remembered by my loyal followers and fans.

I am always interested in reviewing the unique. Whether it is a beautiful, small hotel or in the real day use of a luxury car. I write my reviews as a customer, and I always like to find a new angle.

What does Caveman Reviews cover?

If you want some exposure for a great product, whether it has just launched or you are super proud of it, submitting it for a review can really help. I only write positive reviews, if the product does not impress it does not make my website. My reviews are always from first hand experiences of everything I try, with accompanied images, features and sometimes a YouTube video to support it.

How do I get a review?

I welcome contact from any company, vendor, distributors or PR agency. If you think I can help promote your business or product, I want to hear from you. I have already had some amazing opportunities (Sonder, Lexus and Lenovo) and I have worked with some amazing local companies (Cloven Hoof, Rays and Megs) but I am always looking for more content.

My site is about doing your company a great review. I do not ask for payment for my work. I want them to be impartial. My site has a few ‘ads’ running across it, when they get clicked, I get paid (just like the one below). These ads cover the cost of running this blog and I don’t let them get in the way of a great blog post.

There are loads of benefits working with me and by now you are now asking how can you get in contact. I really like to do things differently, to get a real feel for the business and why it is important for my readers to buy your product and experience your service.

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