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Working Girls Cafe SF

When exploring a new City, we all want to try new things. San Francisco was no different so when the Caveman crew needed lunch, we went exploring. We wandered slightly off the beaten track and found Working Girls Cafe and what a great find it was.

We found it by chance, when we were walking towards Macy’s. Located at 259 Kearny Street (just around the corner from Union Square) it is an easy walk from any of the main areas. It was open early and we needed breakfast, so it was a perfect opportunity. Ordering coffee to kick start the day we also checked out the menu and could not resist ordering bagels and a side of ‘peanut butter and jelly’ covered toast.


Breakfast really did hit the spot and the coffee was amazing (better than any other well known coffee shop – one happens to be based across the street). We sat in, at the high counter looking out the window, as the world woke up and went by. It was a great spot to people watch and refuel, ready for the day.

Getting up after the food and draining the last dregs of the coffee cups we did not want to leave, not without trying more of the tasty offerings from the menu but we were full.

Wandering off around the city, we started our shopping tour, visiting all the big stores, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Target and many, many more. My poor legs needed a rest and the tank was running empty. It was by luck that we found ourselves back in Union Square and a short walk away from this Cafe!


4 minutes later, we found the Working Girls Cafe and it was still open. They still had the cakes we had spotted in the morning and this time they were at the top of the order. We checked out the lunch menu and all of it looked good.

Settling on sandwiches and a salad, we also took the chance to grab couple of their amazing coffees. Needless to say the coffee was just as good as the mornings brew and we sat sipping the coffee whilst the food was being freshly prepared.

When the food came, the biggest surprise was the salad, it was massive. The taste was fantastic and the surprises of all the extras we found within it was great!

This place had it all, location, great coffee, amazing food and of course the cakes. Should you find yourself in San Francisco and want something different from a coffee shop or cafe, Working Girls Cafe is a must.

To the staff – Thanks guys for the coffee and the memories. To the rest who visit, mention that The Caveman sent you, you may get a big smile…

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