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The Best Breakfast by far – The Scenic Supper

There are times that breakfast out, is a good idea. But when you nail it, it is the experience as well as the food that can make it all worth while. Before you decide to go to the local cafe, that serves up the usual greasy egg, along with the overpowering smell of hot oil, that can turn the stomach before the food arrives at the table, all whilst sat in a gloomy, windowless cafe, consider making the trip. Go and enjoy the perfect setting with amazing food at The Scenic Supper, based in a field by the Manor Farm shop in Todenham, Morton-in-Marsh.

The Scenic Supper

It seems odd to write about a breakfast but the whole experience blew me away, that this had to have been one of the best breakfasts that I have had for a very, very long time. How it happened was that a few weeks ago, I was endlessly scrolling through Facebook. A page jumped up that showed an amazing scenic, food dining experience. Now this is the first time that the mindless scrolling has ever paid off.

The post was so inspiring, that the link was clicked and I was staring at The scenic Supper gallery, picturing myself sat at a table. My mind was made up. Looking through the reservations I saw that they had a brunch option and a space was available. I was sold and before all the tables or pods were booked, I bagged a table for the following weekend.

Even though it was an hours drive away, the photos promised such great views, I was prepared to endure the journey. Arriving at the gate to the manor farm shop entrance, just outside the village of Todenham, on a beautifully sunny Saturday morning, I genuinely felt the excitement rising. Rolling down the road and parking up, I crossed the farm road and saw the green grass and the first of the pods. Rounding the hedgerow I saw the full view opening out in front of me. The rolling hills and a perfect countryside scene.

The pods are in differing sizes, catering for the number of guests and all of them are pointed in the same direction. Walking down to the cooking huts at the bottom of the field, a smart and friendly gent came up, asked our name and he quickly got us to our pod, then leaving us to settle in. We were located closest to the cooking huts and at the front of the two rows. The pods looked like recycled, wooden green houses with thick glass, lights, a cooling fan with tables and chairs. It was overlooking a field with some beautiful brown cows grazing and the hills beyond.

Making myself comfy, the seats were metal garden furniture, with thick cushions and even a blanket over the back of them, in case things get chilly. There was no need for the blanket, as the sun warmed the pod, and my back, as I sat there looking out the door and drinking in the view. A quick look at the brunch menu confirmed that I was up for the Full English Breakfast. About five minutes later another friendly server was at the door, asking for our drinks orders. Coffee and juices were asked for. Off they went and only another few minutes later they were back, with a steaming hot cafetiere and two large glasses of juice.

Food order was taken and we were left alone again, to settle back to watch the world go by. Eagles soaring overhead, trees swaying in the wind and the cows flicked their tails at nothing in particular. It was all mesmerising. Just as the coffee was ready, it was plunged and poured just as the food came to the door, all perfect timing.

As my food plate hit the table, the smell hit my nose and my mouth started to water. The first item that was attacked was the sausage, the skin was so easy to cut and soft, that I had to check the knife to see how sharp it was. First mouthful in and the decision to write this review was made (hence the chopped sausage photo). Every item was then checked and tasted, and I can report that everything was as good as the sausage, The Scenic Supper chef must had been on fire! The eggs, bacon, black pudding, hash brown, mushroom and even the toast were perfect. The best part was that none of them were swimming in oil, but they still had the English breakfast taste and none of the guilty looking drips, that usually show on my shirt after such a meal.

Savouring every mouthful, until the plate was clear, I sat back and noticed I still had my coffee to finish. The servers were quick to clear away the plates and I sat in the pod, with the sun beaming in, a full belly and a cup of hot, delicious coffee to finish off. I relaxed and just watched the world through the tiny door. A deep sense of calm set in and I felt myself smiling, I could not stop repeating “this is amazing” and “this is a great day to be alive”.

After watching a number of birds of prey floating on the wind, the coffee was drained and I felt completely grounded. The staff were back and payment was quick and easy with a card reader, before it was time to leave.

A final word, as this is a rustic, infield dining experience, the toilet facilities might be port-a-loos (they are clean and well looked after, with an outdoors washing station) but the charm and experience of feeling at one with nature, whilst eating an amazing breakfast and enjoying the food at The Scenic Supper, was an experience I want to repeat and perhaps next time sample the evening menu.

This was not a ‘paid for’ experience and The Scenic Supper had no clue that this post was going to be created. If you think there is somewhere better, I’d love to hear from you, send me a message.

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