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If you have been following this blog, you may be aware that I have recently returned to motorcycling. I bought a beautiful new Benelli TRK 502X. Just like many other riders, having a few years out, trends change and so do styles. My old Helmet was over 5 years old so I needed to replace it, so did my tatty old gloves and the moth eaten neck warmer. But I thought my boots would be OK, until I realised I needed some RST short boots.

I thought that my old motorbike boots were going to be OK, until I realised that they did not match the stylish new bike and were quite frankly, embarrassing to wear. They looked like a pair of old Wellies and the inner liner was falling out. That was my reason and justification, so I got some new ones from Swindon’s Mega Motorcycle Store. Only these were also a bit special, these were a pair of British made, RST Short motorcycle boots.

Swindon’s Mega Motorcyle Store is huge and have a great collection of motorcyling goods. From security, helmets, gloves, clothing and of course boots. Looking up and down the aisles, only one pair looked like they would suit my new ride, the RST short boot (TracTech Evo III short boots). These were on trend, looked good with my jeans and of course matched my black bike. Even though the price was good, I was worried about the short boot safety. Trying them on, the RST short boot covers the whole ankle and stops at the bottom of the shin. The booklet in the box gave all the safety features and the safety ratings. They looked the part and the added bonus of genuine safety tests put my mind to rest.

Any new boot feels a little tight but these were more so, probably due to the safety features. I ended up going a size bigger and have not regretted it. There is plenty of room in the boot to move my foot from the peg to the brake or gear selector, without it feeling restrictive or loose. The side sliders do not catch and after wearing them for a week they are now a comfortable fit.

A little bit about RST and why this review is so important. They are based in Derbyshire and have been going for 30 years. They keep things fresh and by the look of their boots it is easy to see why they are still in business. Their business is not just about boots, they provide leathers, textiles and have casual wear. The bit I like about this company, is their commitment to safety and their ongoing investment in technology. The fact that they are a British business, is a bonus.

If you need to update your motorcycling wardrobe, I would highly recommend a visit to Swindon’s Mega Motorcycle Store and take a look at their RST range of clothing and boots. If you do pop in, make sure you mention the Caveman, there may be some discount!?!

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  • This article not only showcases the features of the product but also highlights the practical aspects that truly matter to riders. Kudos to the writer for their engaging style and for focusing on the aspects that set these boots apart. It’s clear that this review comes from a place of genuine interest and enthusiasm for motorcycling, making it an enjoyable and informative read for anyone looking for quality riding gear!


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