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It is great when a local business springs up, just when you want to impress a certain someone in your life. At 11 am on a Tuesday, I had Facebook open and a post popped up, saying that a new local florist had just opened. The photos on Royal Bloom florist Facebook page looked great and the costs being advertised all seemed very reasonable. It was time to try them out and see how this new company would compare with others.

Contacting them through their WhatsApp link, Amie responded quickly and was very helpful in providing me with all the information I wanted to know and how I can order from them. She told me that Royal Blooms florist is based in Royal Wootton Basset and they deliver for free but only into West Swindon. For a small charge they will go outside that area. Asking if they can get to North Swindon, she said she can bring a bunch to my door for an extra £2.

Ordering from Royal Bloom

I went for a £15 bouquet, asking for lots of colour and the very small and reasonable delivery charge to be included in the price. All was confirmed and I was told that the bunch of flowers will be delivered to my door at 2pm the same day! For a new start up and prices being very reasonable, it was all very impressive but I worried if I had too high expectations.

There was only one thing left to do, the payment! Aime asked for either cash on delivery or a bank transfer, and just a few clicks later the order was all confirmed. Going for the bank transfer option, it was easy and the money exchange was instant. All I had to do was wait and hope that the recipient, who was working hard upstairs, did not find out about the order until it arrived.

Three hours of waiting, a cup of coffee and lunch later, the doorbell rang. Checking the clock it was 2:05 and at the door was a bunch of flowers being held by two lovely ladies, one was Aime. They had held up on the promise to deliver at 2 pm.

The result

The flowers looked great, well dressed and arranged in their own rustic way, with brown paper and a brown label with my message written on it. Taking the flowers, I thought they looked amazing.

However it did not matter what I thought. Handing them over to Laura, who had come down the stairs to see who was at the door, she loved them. My only problem was to wrestle them back off of her, so that I could take some photos for this review. Thanks Royal Blooms, they went down a treat.

Should you need a bunch, can I suggest you try out this great new business and if you mention that the Caveman, perhaps you might get an extra flower or two added to your order?

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