Rays Ice Cream

We all need places to visit that make us smile, or to fill an hour whilst it is raining outside. Where can we go to entertain and sooth our inward childhood needs?

Rays Ice cream parlour.

Walk down the High Street of Royal Wootton Bassett and as you pass Boots, there is a small arch way called Potters Walk. This little walk way can be easily missed and if you do not know it is there and you may never look down it. However if you do venture through, you will see a brightly painted shop front that screams for any passer by to take a closer look, Rays Ice Cream Parlour is a hidden gem in the centre of the High Street.

The bright yellow frontage is exactly how an Ice Cream shop should look and when you get to the door the inside does not disappoint either.

There is chiller cabinet stacked with tubs of different flavour ice Creams ready to be taken away, but the main attraction is the glass chiller showing the different colours and flavours that are on sale to the passer by or for the eat in diner.

Now this cabinet is not the best bit, when you look at the menu, they have waffles! Or if you are in a rush they can just do a cone…

Ordering a waffle and choosing the right flavour Ice cream can take some time, to help they do offer tasting of the Ice creams. Then you have to chose the toppings, sprinkles or cream. This can be a fully stacked treat. Once all this effort is made, just like us we wandered over to the tables and chairs inside the parlour and made ourselves comfortable. We watched the waffles being put in the toaster and the smell drifted across.

We found colouring pencils and drawings for kids that would keep them entertained, whilst they waited for their individually designed waffle treats.

How it tastes

We went for the bannoffee waffle and when it came it was huge. I mean it was massive, eye watering big. The sugar content was what we wanted and had been promised. (The drawing is on an A4 sheet of paper).

The waffle filled the plate, a very generous lump of ice cream in the middle then surrounded with cream and a rich toffee sauce dribbled over the top.

The waffle was soft yet crunchie, the Ice cream was rich creamy and full of flavour and the toppings made it all come together.

It only took 20 minutes to finish it off and clean the plate. It was an amazing plate of naughty goodness. We saw brown, blue, red, mixed and multi coloured toppings going to other tables and we really wanted to try more but knew that it would have to wait until our next visit.

As there are only a few weeks left of the summer holidays and the weather is set to be dodgy at best, a trip to the small town of Royal Wootton Bassett, with free parking along the High Street and a sweet treat on offer is well worth the effort.

We love Rays Homemade Ice Cream Parlour and would recommend a visit to all our readers – be warned, wearing skinny jeans is not advisable (or comfortable…) but do enjoy their sweet offerings!

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