Quad Lock

I have had my Benelli TRK502 x for just over a year and there has been just one thing that has been putting me off doing any long (unknown) distances and that is not knowing where I am going. I have become reliant on technology to get me from A to B and have been needing to find a good, decent, useable motorcycle handlebar mobile phone mount. It has taken months of research and then to chose one. I went for the Quad Lock motorcycle mount system and I am so glad that I did. Fitting it was just like this –

I searched so many options, read reviews and checked ‘cheaper’ versions that I was driving myself mad. I wanted it to look good, work well and be secure. I realised that it was a tough choice. What if I got a cheap, nasty unit that did not perform, with hundreds of pounds worth of mobile phone attached to it, it just wold not be worth it. Finally I had made a decision and I put an order into Amazon, for the Quad Lock, Motorcycle Handlebar Mount (currently at £39.95). This was only half the order, as I needed a way to attached the phone to the new mount, so I also purchased a Quad Lock Universal stick on adapter (currently £11.95).

Both came through the next day, but as the weather had changed the unit sat for a month in its box before I had a chance to pull out the bike to take a real look at fitting the new item.

In the Quad Lock box

Inside the box there was a handlebar mount clamp, an extension bar and the Quad Lock system. There were three interchangeable collars to help get a tight fitment and an Allen key, to tighten the 3 easy accessible bolts. The Universal adapter was a flat panel with a 3M sticky on the back and the unique Quad Lock system on the front.

Quad lock Motorcycle

The actual fitting of the unit was the easy part, the only complication was finding the best location on the bikes handlebars. I needed to see my phones screen from the riding position and for it not get in the way of any switch gear or the ignition barrel. As the Benelli has a USB charger socket on the left, I also ideally wanted the phone mount to be on that side of the handlebars.

Fitting the Quad Lock

Finding the right position took some time but I had the Quad Lock system fitted within minutes once I had planned it. Only spending a few more minutes making fine adjustments and it was done. I was very pleased with the result, with the Quad Lock staying on the bike it had to look half decent when not in use as it is not a removeable item. Once all the bolts were tight, I could not wait to get out and try it. It worked a treat, my only problem was when the sun was low and behind me, reflecting off the screen of the phone, but those were all minor issues.

Quad Lock phone attachment

With the universal pad, I cleaned the back of my phone case and slapped on the 3M sticker, pushing it home firmly and wondering if it was going to be liveable on the back of my phone when not attached to the bike. I was happy that the smooth adapter, that it did not ruin the phone and it still fitted comfortably in my pocket. There are actual cases with the Quad Lock on the back of them, that can be purchased for individual makes of phones, (all can be searched here) but I plan on updating my phone and went for the universal one to test it before putting a new phone on the bike.

It is a very simple attachment and for the last week, I have not had any issues with a bulky lump of plastic on the back of my phone case. I do plan on getting a new case when I upgrade my phone but that won’t be for another few months but I think it is an essential for long term use.

This has to have been the easiest fitment of any mounting system. It feels solid, looks good and works a treat. The attachment to the back of my phone is not intrusive and the simple easy use on/off system is absolutely perfect for what I need. This is a something every biker should be looking at if they need something similar.

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