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If you’ve been active on Social media, or watched television you would have seen adverts for a new coffee company. Pact coffee has been everywhere, giving free cup filters and even discounts for people to try their coffee. Running low on beans, I decided to give them a go and I was glad that I did.

Hitting Pact coffee’s website, I had a massive choice of beans and accessories on offer. A huge number of flavoured coffee beans, from the standard roast to the more exotic strawberry flavoured bags and many more to try. This brand was catering for many tastes. The coffee beans, come in a bag of 250 grams, just as every other bags I have bought, either from the supermarket or online. Having tried a number of online coffee beans, it has been a hit and miss as to whether the beans are any good, however at the prices on offer I was willing to take a chance.

One of the things I liked about Pact coffee was the way they did business with their coffee bean farmers. The way they organised buying the beans, as well as passing the information of each batch of coffee onto their customers. This felt like an honest way to buy coffee.

The site was easy to use and I had selected a standard bag of house beans, considering whether I should get the Bourbon ones… but within minutes I was already at the check out excited to get the standard beans through the post to try them. Entering my credit card number, I was asked if I wanted to subscribe to receiving a bag on a regular basis. I get through a bag of beans a week and decided that perhaps I could sign up for the subscription. I opted for a bag a fortnight, I thought I’d get a chance to try the beans before the next order and could cancel the subscription, if I had to.

The Pact Beans

Hitting submit, I sat back and waited but did not have to wait long. A few days later a fat envelope was pushed thought the front door. Grabbing the envelope and giving it a shake I heard the unmistakable rattle of coffee beans. Ripping off the cardboard seal the smell of the beans hit me. They smelt amazing. The package had all the information about the beans printed on it. Taking a look in the bean grinder, I saw I had a day to wait before I could top it up.

When the time came, the top of the bean hopper was off my DeLonghi KG79 Electric bean grinder and the new bag of beans were being poured in. Once full, the button was pushed and the sweet smell of freshly ground beans filled my kitchen. Kettle boiled and the beans transferred to the cafetiere, with hot water being poured in, there was coffee brewing. These beans smelt so good, I had everything crossed that they’d taste as good as they smelt, I had four minutes to wait.

Pouring out the hot brown liquid into my favourite coffee mug, the smell only got better. Milk and sugar added, the aroma was tantalising my taste buds. The first sip and the smooth roasted beans tasted wonderful. I waited for the bitter after-taste of the bean but there was none, just a smooth long lasting coffee kick on the tongue. My mug was drained and I was topping it up for a second before it had a chance to go cold.

I really liked the taste, no nasty after-taste and smooth coffee hit the right note. I really wanted to do it all again and keep the coffee flowing all day, however I had to restrain myself and make the beans last. I had another week and a bit before the next delivery arrived. I did contemplate making it a weekly order, however I would have to sleep at night and I had to control myself.

Pact Coffee Discount

The beans were great and I cannot wait for my next Pact Coffee package to come through my door. Perhaps I should try a cold brew, these guys have the kit I need to do it? Before I go, Pact Coffee have been generous. They have allowed me to share a code, where my readers will get a £5.00 credit added to their account if they sign up from this link.

Here’s to another mug of the hot stuff in the morning, if you get a bag let me know what you think in the comments below.

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