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Novo Club Bar and Restaurant, Cheltenham

Exciting things can happen when you run a review business, especially when you experience something when you’re not working. When it dawns on you that this really should be a post on your website, you have to scramble around to make it work. This happened when we went out for dinner on a humdrum Thursday evening, at the beginning of July. Wandering around our home town of Cheltenham, looking for a bite to eat we found what we thought was a restaurant we have eaten in before, but it looked and felt different. Unknown to us we had just discovered a brand new restaurant, located next to the soon to be renovated Montpellier Wine Bar on Rotunda Terrace, Cheltenham, called Novo Club bar and Restaurant.

Entering the restaurant, we were greeted and seated at the window table and were told that this was the first week of opening. Food and drink menus were provided and whilst looking through the menu we sat looking at the great décor, listening to the wonderful, chilled out tunes in the background. The place looked and felt spectacular. Peering down the side of the bar towards the back of the building, I saw the beautiful domed roof light, along with the mood lighting and theme of the restaurant, that ran all the way back.

Already getting a vibe of missing a trick for the site, we sat discussing the menu, after having to order a bottle of wine to buy us a little more time whilst we argued over who was having what. The list was long, the prices looked reasonable and the vibe was taking us toward a great evening.

Eventually we had to make a decision, the three of us choosing, Lobster Linguini, Kleftiko, a salad and chips, we sat back to discuss whether we had covered all bases. The tension grew, but the music and lighting kept it light, until the dishes arrived. They smelt amazing and looked just as good. There was a quick check tasting from each of our dishes, before we dug in and polished off the plate.

It was only when my knife and fork hit the plate did I realise I could not allow this outing to be ruined by not doing a review, phone camera it was, and all I can comment on was that the dishes were almost licked clean. My Lobster was soft and pasta was sweet, the chips were crunchy and flavoursome and even the salad was the perfect balance of greenery and toppings. I only managed a morsal of the kleftiko but it was delicious.

Having missed the opportunity to show the full dishes, we had to go for dessert, where again we were not disappointed. The chocolate pudding was gooey and runny in a beautiful bun like casing, the cheesecake soft and full of flavour they were all incredible.

We sat for a while, allowing the food to settle, kicking back and enjoying that warm chilled out feeling, the music hitting the spot and the vibe allowing us to take our time as we savoured the last of the wine and paid the bill.

We left feeling like we had hit the jackpot, what a find in Cheltenham. Novo Club Restaurant has got us wanting to go back for more and I’d suggest you should try it as well. Grab a table using their booking link here.

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