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Mollie’s Motel and Diner

Mollies Motel & DIner

Where is there to go, where there is a true atmosphere and it is an interesting place, that you would also want eat at? Where can you go and enjoy the building as much as the company you keep? Themed restaurants!

As there is a surprising growth of American diners popping up all over the place we thought we’d give one a go. Having limited experience and a rough idea of a menu probably consisting of burgers and milkshakes we hoped it was going to be an experience.

The entire Caveman crew decided to venture out and find what these types of places have to offer and hopefully answer why people are enjoying going to such diners. We found out why but it was not what we expected.

Deciding to try the new Mollies Motel and Diner, which is on the A420, just North of Faringdon in a place called Buckland – SN7 8PY for sat-nav users, on a Sunday lunchtime was perfect to try out the experience, service and the food.

Driving down the A420 we saw a petrol station and only because we did our research we knew it the location. Only a tiny roadside sign on the main road told us we had arrived. Pulling off the main road we then had a dilemma as we could only see the the drive thru. Driving past the drive thru and towards the petrol station the entrance to the car park suddenly became obvious, it is not a massive issue but later watching others jamming on their brakes trying to work it out, it seemed foolish not to mention this small issue.

On final arrival, the car park at the back of the Diner was pretty full which indicated this place was going to be packed.

Going in, there was that instant hit of American Nostalgia. A small bar to the right and a waiting area. We were quickly seen and our name added to a waiting list for a free table, which gave us a chance to look at the drink menu.

The coffee was the first order, from cold and soya based Latte’s to the bottomless cup of filtered coffee. We grabbed our drinks form the bar and sat down. We had just finished our drinks when our name was called and we were taken into the restaurant. Walking in, the full American diner feel was suddenly obvious.

Taken to a table by the windows we had a great view of the whole place, as well as sunshine streaming in and making the experience even more pleasing.

Menus were handed out and we had to decide whether to go for the all day breakfast menu or the dinner plate menu. It all looked good and we decided a mixture of burgers and breakfast, followed by a salted caramel milkshake and more coffee from that bottomless jug. The ordering was quick and easy with our waitress, Emma. We sat chatting and taking in the ambiance. There were American style booths and seating right up against the serving area. It was only about 10 minutes went by before the food came out. It looked and smelt amazing as it was placed in front of us.

The food did not look a lot on the plate, the burgers were good, but the buns were a little flaky but the waffle and bacon went down a treat. The milkshake was think and sweet and that coffee kept flowing. We all decided that the food was average except for the waffles they were worth the visit.

The result was inevitable, all the food was polished off and we all sat back feeling full, the amount on the plate was deceptive. We were pleased with the choice of coming to the Diner.

The next decision was whether we had room for dessert. We did not want to rush so we asked for a break and soaked up the atmosphere.

This was a chance to have a proper look around, there was a record player and sound equipment at the top of the restaurant which was not in use, but if there were themed evenings this place must be epic.

After another 10 minutes and realising that there was no room for dessert we decided to ask for the bill, but not before looking over the dessert menu. I had my eye on the banana split, but feared my trousers would not take the extra calories.

The only disappointing thing then happened. We sat waiting for the bill for ages, asking for it twice. There was still a queue at the door and we wanted to leave which was a little frustrating.

The bill did come and for all our food and drinks it was around £60 so the price was a little high for the food that we were served but we decided that we were there for the experience and not the quality of the catering.

Our final decision was that we would love to go back on an evening, then we can park the car overnight, have a few beers and drinks and use the motel that was just across the car park. This way we could do a full review including the quality of the alcoholic drinks.

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With thanks from Cave HQ.

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