Megs Cottage Fudge

We popped along to the Great British Food Festival at Bowood (Wiltshire) as we were sure we were going to find some taste treats to review there. Our plan was to find something so tasty and moreish, that we would have to tell everyone!

There were loads of stalls, vendors, chefs and food outlets there, but one did stand out more than the rest…

Megs Cottage Homemade Fudge

Tucked in the corner of one tent at the show, was a small table showing a sign saying Megs Cottage Homemade fudge. However the best bit was the 8 chopping boards at the front of the table, offering freebies! Don’t get us wrong there were loads of other stalls offering freebies and other fudge stalls doing something very similar, but this stuff was the crumbliest stuff we tasted at the show.

There were different flavours on each board and we were able to sample all but the chilli one (we are not keen chilli connoisseurs but we love fudge and understand others do as well). There was vanilla, honey, ginger, salted and maple & pecan chunks on the boards and we stood sampling and chatting to the ‘chef,’ the one who made all these flavours. This fudge factory guru is based in Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire so was not too far away from his kitchens.

We were particularly impressed he had combined ginger and it turned out to be a great fudge combination. We were told that they had sold out of some flavours and we had tasted why!

Our purchase

We walked away with 2 bags for £5, the Salted fudge and the Maple & Pecan. We could have spent a small fortune on loads more flavours but our expanding waistline was at the back of our minds.

Getting back to the office was hard (not to open the bags) but we were prepared for this and put them in the boot to prevent nibbling. Once back at HQ however, the bags were no match for the ripping motions made to gain access to the cubes of sugary goodness within.

The Salted bag was the first to get it. The contents were (emphasis on the were) sweet and smooth, the chunks gently crumbling in the mouth, dissolved and then swallowed. The Maple and Pecan fared no better, it was gone within the hour.

At Cave HQ we all agreed that this fudge was one of the best we had sampled for quite some time.

Don’t despair

Now we are hoping to get some more, and people are probably saying that they will have to wait for the next food festival to go and find them but here in the Cave, we have done some homework. They have a website, from which we can order more fudge from!

Now those that will take a look will see that there loads of flavours, we are thinking rum & raisin, coffee and chocolate next time!

They have some good value deals on line “3 for £10” and even “5 bags for £15” (hence why we listed 3… honest).

To note in a throw away conversation – We really do love fudge and if any of us here at Cave HQ would ever get married again, we would be making contact for the fudge favours to give away. Or we can always pretend to do this..?

We are definitely contacting Megs cottage closer to Christmas for a batch of the Christmas pudding fudge. However there is no point us doing this now, as we know it would not last through September.

Megs fudge is lovely, Cave HQ has been buzzing about this stuff all day, its a shame that there were too many mouths to feed, otherwise it would have lasted a little bit longer.

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