Marcella Royal Hotel, Rome

There are 2 reasons why Marcella Royal Hotel has to be at the top of a romantic hotel destinations in Rome. We loved it and our review is about helping the hopeless romantic and why Marcella Royal Hotel is a must.

This is a very special review to us. This review is also to help anyone who wants to make a marriage proposal, in a special and memorable way, who has no clue where to start.

First we recommend that this person may want to speak to our posts sponsor, Sarah at Not Just Travel. She has the knowledge and understanding to make any occasion memorable. Just mention the “Caveman” to get that extra special service.

The Chief Caveman wanted to pop the question, the problem was that it had to be a big secret! After speaking to Sarah, we had a destination for the weekend chosen, Rome! She came up with a great offer for the Marcella Royal Hotel. Checking out the photos and website it was booked straight away and a reservation for a Friday to Monday in January was secured.

Being that it needed to special, contact with the hotel was made from Cave HQ. It was explained that it was going to be a ‘proposal’ break, to be kept a big secret and asked if they can do anything special for us. They said to leave it with them. Everything was set and the days were being counted down.

Making a purchase of the special ring the week before the flight and trying to keep it all of it in secret, was basically poor planning. Our top tip, if you follow our example and leaving it late, get expert advice! We would recommend going to Ernest Jones Jewelers in the Swindon’s Outlet Village. The ladies were great and they had it sorted with little fuss.

A day after picking up the ring (yes it was that tight for time) we were flying from Birmingham airport. The drive there and the parking was easy and very reasonable. The flight was only 3 hours and we touched down in Italy at midday. Getting to the hotel was just as easy. Research told us that a train was the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to get there. Only a 5 minute walk to the train station from customs and it was all inside the airport. We just followed the signs that were hung up everywhere and we got to the station.

Our tip is to buy the ticket when you get to the station. There are other ticket machine in the airport but it can get confusing. Buying a ticket from the machine after pushing ‘English’ was also easy. Hoping on the Leonardo Express train (€14 per person one way) and 40 minutes later we were stood in the Termini Station, which is the main station for Rome. The sun was out and we felt the Rome vibe suddenly hit us.

Being that we were still in Europe, we used Google maps on our phones and had a route planned to the hotel all within seconds. It was a 1 Km walk from the train station and it was an easy walk, with no hills. Even with a small carry on suitcase in tow we were there within 20 minutes.

We found the Marcella Royal hotel on Via Flavia, 106, 00187 Roma RM, Italy. We found it covered in scaffolding, but it was January and it was good to see that they were spending money on the upkeep of the building. The location was in a quiet area and we had just walked passed about 6 restaurants in the same street. This seemed like the perfect foodie paradise.

Going into the hotel it was a complete change from outside. Warm, welcoming and the staff were amazing. Straight to the point at check in, we were told that the hotel had kindly given us an upgrade and wished us a lovely stay, it seemed that all the staff knew the secret and none of them let it slip. What a result!

Google street view

Our room was 618 and it was massive. A big bed and even a long sofa under a huge TV mounted on the wall, and there was still enough room to have a little dance in the space left (it case it would be needed later in the stay). 3 massive wardrobes gave us plenty of storage space and a safe was bolted into the bottom of one of the wardrobes, which gave us security for passports and non essential paperwork. There was also a note left for us by Sarah at NJT.

By far, the most impressive part of the room was the view from the massive windows at the side. A view across Rome and in the distance was St Peters Basilica looming above the sky line. The room was sorted within minutes and after checking out the impressive bathroom, large corner bath, hairdryer and all the necessary toiletries for our stay, we wanted to get out and explore.

Our first stop however was the roof top terrace on the hotel. Going out into the open bar our jaws dropped. The views were stunning. We found chairs and sat in the sun, watching the skyline as we were served wine and a pizza at our table, whilst we took in the view.

  • Roof top terrace Marcella Royal Hotel

When we had our share of rest and food, part 2 of the Chiefs plan was put into action. A late afternoon walk, with a small box in his pocket to be a surprise location was roughly thought out. The hotel’s location was perfect, Google maps and a destination typed in and we were off. Exploring and heading towards the ‘tourist’ locations the heart was in the throat.

Our walk was no more than 15 minutes and finding Trevi Fountain was easy. The next part was the lump in the throat time. Stood watching the water and admiring the marble architecture, pride swallowed and the question was asked.

She said yes…

I would like to write more about the evening but things got a little ‘squiffy’ and this review is about the hotel… so… After hours of walking, looking at monuments and even a light show, we were hand in hand and being in the warmth of a euphoric state, but it was getting cold and we headed back to the hotel.

From the busy centre of Rome, we were back at our hotel within 15 minutes. We were thankful for the peace and quiet of its location. Back to the roof top bar and a welcoming drink to celebrate our new promised union together, with the bar tender looking after us and the heat from a patio heater above our heads. There were blankets on the back of the chairs to keep us warm as we took in the night.

The days flew by, we were out walking everyday, never feeling the need to get in a car or taxi. We had every part of Rome covered all on foot and enjoyed going back to the hotel in a quiet corner of Rome in the evenings. With a choice of amazing restaurants and bars all within 200 meters of the hotel its location was spot on.

When the staff found out our recent news, they were over the moon and congratulated us. We even got a free drink on the terrace. As the sun set, this is one of the most perfect memories of our stay in Rome, and it was at this hotel!

For anyone who is afraid to take the plunge or has never taken a European weekend break our advice is to just do it. If it is your first trip, speak to the right people. Sarah will help and this hotel is the highly recommended. Use our review and take lots of photos.

Marcella Royal Hotel is simply amazing. The staff was generous and professional but the the top 2 reasons why anyone would want to stay here, are the location and the views from the rooftop terrace. If you want to do something special, or want to pop the question we can guarantee that choosing this hotel would not be regretted.

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    Beautiful views! Thanks for allowing me a peak and many blessings to you!


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