Koko Kanu

When was the last time that you bought a bottle of rum? A proper bottle with roots to a Caribbean island and a story to be told about a new name soon to take the UK super markets by storm – (we hope)!

This is why a review is needed – along with a warning for the new name in the alcohol aisle – Koko Kanu.

What is it like?

Opening the bottle, the instant smell of coconut and rum transports the sense to a sun bleached beach somewhere in the Caribbean… No? OK, perhaps some might get this but we were really impressed with the strength of the Coconut smell.

The drink is a clear liquid and as it was poured from the bottle it had that heavy looking water, not much more the say about how it looks I am afraid but we are not interested in looks, more about the taste.

Sampling a small glass over ice (the ice is just to make sure it will get a chance to water it down if needed) does not take too long. The soft taste of coconut with the hit of rum in the background is something else. Needless to say the ice did not have chance to melt.

Do not think you have tried something similar to this, you haven’t. We know why you might think this, we did too! This really is a very different drink to the others that promote the same mix of coconut and rum.

We tried it with a few different mixers – other than ice we tried Koko and coke, Koko and pineapple and then with ginger beer (dark and stormy). They all tasted amazing, we were so impressed we were determined to make a review out of it.

So why the warning?

Have you ever opened a bottle of something and enjoyed the taste so much that before you know it the bottle is empty? For us, this bottle should have a warning label fixed to it – “Before opening – make sure there is no work tomorrow.”

Where can I get some?

We have found that this stuff can be bought on line, Amazon is selling it for just £15 a bottle.

But if you worry about the postie dropping your bottle on their rounds, a visit to Sainsbury’s or Waitrose will sort this problem out.

Being that the summer is so wet, treating yourself to a bottle of this stuff will bring some warmth and sun your way.

Got something to add?

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