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Everyone likes a nice cup of coffee but most people are happy to use Instant granules for their first daily caffeine fix. What if I can tell you that there is another option, and by just buying it, a worthwhile charity is getting your support.

The Frontline Coffee Company offers ground and whole bean coffee bags, at reasonable prices, being sent direct to your home. The best bit is that the company’s setup offers 100% of the profit from their charity coffee purchases to recognised and registered Emergency Services Charities.

For those of us that want to show our support for the hardworking Uniformed human beings, that run toward the danger, when everyone else runs in the opposite direction, buying a bag of coffee is the right choice.

Frontline Coffee are very active on social media and we found them by chance. Looking at what they promote, how they donate their money and the fact that it is coffee (which we always need here), we had to grab ourselves a bag or two.

Online ordering made easy

Ordering was easy. The website is simple and within minutes we had checked out with 2 bags of beans. We sat back and waited for it to arrive through the post.

Three days later, there was a knock at the door and a parcel was handed over by the postie. Opening the box, the smell of the coffee hit us and we stood there enjoying the aroma.

Without standing on ceremony we whipped out the coffee grinder and cafetiere and brewed ourselves a freshly ground coffee.

De’Longhi KG79

After 4 minutes of brewing and the cafetiere doing its thing, we had our first brew from the beans. We loved the smell. We liked the coffee too, it was a different taste to the other cups of joe we have had before.

Forget the instant, rough taste of coffee. The beans produced, a smooth, woody tasting coffee that went down well and was easy to drink.

Having a chocolate biscuit with the coffee put a big smile on our faces and we came to the conclusion that we all liked the taste and especially the smell.

In comparison to some big named coffee companies (who take their profits out of the country), 2 coffees will be the same price as one bag of beans. It does hurt a little thinking that there is a way to buying something worth having and knowing that the little money we do spend is actually being used to promote the health and well being of those that look after us.

Frontline Coffee has produced an amazing way for people to donate money to such worthy charities, with an added bonus of them buying some amazing coffee beans and choosing where the money goes.

The company was set up by fire fighters, who just wanted some nice coffee for their station. It looks like they kept going and grew a coffee company from these roots. Their idea and business plan is worthy of all the support they can get and the Caveman Reviews Office are fully behind them. We have even heard that they have just opened a coffee shop as well.

We love the concept of their business and endorse their generous and very beneficial nature. We only hope that many other coffee drinking humans see the benefit and buy themselves a bag or two to help support a worthy charity.

3 thoughts on “Frontline Coffee

  • Ooh I have never heard of this company before, but their coffee sounds wonderful I will need to check it out!

  • Frontline Coffee is a small batch, roast to order coffee company helping fuel the UK’s public services. Frontline Coffee has produced an amazing way for people to donate money to such worthy charities.


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