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Flame Master BBQ

BBQ’ing is fun, but not everyone likes to char meat on open flames out in the garden. However is there a way to make sure everyone is happy? I got a Flame Master, 18 inch grill with a Pizza Extender so that we can have an evening of food outside in the garden and be able to cater for everyone. The plan was to see if a Pizza really could be cooked on a BBQ and if it tasted any different.

Ordering the Flame Mater BBQ Kettle grill from Robert Dyas online, and to get it ready for the summer was easy. Ordering was simple and with a huge discount offered I ended up paying a bargain price of only £49.99 for it. There was a small hiccup with delivery but it arrived a few days later, all in a very small box.

Unpacking the parts, the fun started. Finding the right screw for the right hole, the right leg for the right side and boof, 15 minutes later I had a free standing Barbeque. I thought it was ready for use.

All was well until I went to slip in the ash collector underneath the Flame Master. It would not fit, so a bit of investigation and it was obvious, some of the metal was bent. A flat headed screw driver and gentle prying was all that was needed but the paint flaked off.

However the ash catcher now fitted and the Flame Master BBQ was finally ready for its first use, even though it reminded me of a Henry hoover, I was willing to give it a go!


It was not long until an instant bag of charcoal was slung into the lower tier rack. The vent was opened on the ash catcher (to let the air circulate better) and the lighter was waving over the corners of the bag.

The final test was the food and the tasting. One bag of Charcoal, cooked sausages (posh dogs from M&S), burgers and started the corn on the cobs (smothered in butter, put in tin foil, with room for it to steam) all cooking over the coals.

The meat came off and was scoffed before I even got a chance to take a photo. There is no other taste of summer, that goes so well with cider and fresh air. BBQ charred meat in a bun with copious amounts of condiments to cover the taste is the British Summertime perfect meal.

Pizza time

Now that the obligatory meat course was complete, we came to the biggest test and the reason why I got this Flame Master BBQ. Pizza was about to be tested. Not wanting to waste a good pizza, a cheap sacrificial Tesco’s Pepperoni pizza was our choice.

Putting the pizza stone on the grill (with the corn on the cob tucked on the side, which was still not cooked) the pizza oven was added. The Pizza was laid out and the lid put on, to heat everything up.

I held little hope of it working. The heat from the coals had died down and the pizza stone was cold. However 10 minutes in and using the supplied pizza shovel, the bottom of the pizza was tested. It was cooked perfectly. The cheese was melted and the pepperoni was looking all ‘sweaty’.

Pulling it out of the Flame Master BBQ, the pizza looked amazing. The testing was great. It was probably one of the best home cooked pizzas I have had in a long time. It really was an amazing success.

As if the one bag of charcoal had not delivered enough, meat, Pizza and eventually 2 amazing corn on the cobs… we then had dessert to do.


A few kebab stick, a bag of marshmallows and a box of Ritz biscuits we had our take on the American S’mores to finish off.

Is it worth it?

I have been really impressed with the Flame Master BBQ with pizza extender. When I saw the cost, I was dubious but willing to give it a go. When it arrived in such a small box, I considered sending it back. Screwing it together and seeing it ready, was fun. However the cooking and the extra Pizza oven parts is what made this a superb buy!

I am now looking forward to a year of outdoor cooking and doing it on the Flame Master BBQ is going to be a lot of fun!

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