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Eflorist is the first thing to do, to resolve the mistake. All of us have done it. A mental plan was made, then it was poorly executed. Before we know it, we are stood at the foot of the stairs, realising that a birthday is upon us and there are no flowers to take up with the breakfast tray. The walk of shame, with nothing but coffee and toast on a tray, it is an empty and long walk. If only I had discovered eFlorist the day before the big day!

I need to tell everyone that has, who is, or who will be in the dog house about ruining these special occassions. Regardless if it were a forgotten jesture, a mistake or just a cheer up present, a visit to this online florist is an absolute must. There really is no comparison. Having been and bought cheap flowers from the supermarket in the past, and now purchasing a bouquet from these guys, I can never go back to the £10 bunch by the freezer section ever again. Oh, I mean it this is another level that gets the vote and others cannot compete.

It all started when a certain someones birthday came up and due to Corona virus the whole plan went right down the toilet. Even on the day, there were no florists that were open and I was left empty handed. All but a smile and a card full of one liners along with empty promises, I knew this day was not going to win me any brownie points. I had to do something, no delay, it had to be on the day itself. With the sad face of my beloved sat at the kitchen table, I vowed to make things right.

The Fix

Googling I was looking for an on-line florist, I discovered eFlorist. I had looked at a few others to start with but their website had me hooked. It looked amazing and to boot, they had a huge discount! Their special offers were exactly what I was looking for. I was already sold but I needed to know how it all worked. Looking at the lily and rose combo, these were my ticket back to being the best fiance ever, the picture promised this status back to me.

Going through the order process, it was easy. I picked the bunch that looked the most romantic and added it to my basket. Then I got to chose the size of the bouquet (extra large? Yes please!) and then they added a box of choclates for free. No reason, but I’ll take the added bonus of chocolates. It was double bonus points, no extra cost and a crowd pleaser! I thought it was all over, I was about to pay then the site asked if I would like to add a card. Of course I would! More points being added to my score card…

The ordering was a cinch, adding my credit card number, the order came to less than what I was planning on spending at my local florist. Plus the free extras and no worry about going to get them, they were coming to my door. It really did hit all the right spots. The order went through and I was told delivery would be the next working day. During the evening I had to spend more money on take-aways and even offering a shoulder massage, darn Covid, but my plan was already happening in some far off, flower warehouse.

Still I hoped the next day would bring me back into the light and all would be forgiven. I was not expecting miracles but it was going to be a start. At midday the door bell went and a cardboard box was handed over eflorist had come through on their promise. She had no idea anything was coming but when the box was opened a huge smile was a sign I had done some good. Even before the flowers were removed from the box, the smell was amazing. When they first came out, the flowers had only just started to open but the smell was already strong.

If I am honest, I did not think much more than a good recovery purchase. However once the flowers had a chance to sit in the vase for a day the smell only got stronger and stronger. Day after day, I could hear comment after comment about how pretty the flowers were and how strong they smelt. Testing how storng they were, sniff tests were carried out and we could still smell them on the first floor and around the house. It was then I realised the power of these things, I had just discovered the most potent gift a man can give. The flowers stayed looking fresh and fragrant for two whole weeks, much longer than the lesser quality ones from the bucket at the end of an aisle.

The result

I was so impressed with the first bunch of flowers, I ordered a second batch, just to take photos for this review (and then to score some extra browie points – I never miss a trick). Now I know these ones look smaller and are unopened buds as well, but the smell already coming from them, matches the first bunch that I ordered just over 2 weeks ago. I have high expectations that they will flower and impress once again.

Now I am not saying that a single order of these flowers will stop all the hurt and upset, especially if things have gotten far worse and an excuse about Covid-19, and there is more to the reason as to why flowers are needed, but they are a great place start. Some people may need to do more than just purchase a bunch of roses, perhaps dinner and some jewelry might help, but I am not a couples counselor. For me, I just could not get local flowers for a birthday and these were my savior but if you need another idea, check out my other post for a cheap, romantic trip to Rome or maybe it is too late and a bottle of rum is needed?

If you decide to make a purchase and need some motivation, how does 15% discount sound? When you get your order up together and get through to the till, add the code EC2DP4D to the voucher section and hopefully the discount will be added.

The flowers are worth every penny and I wish you the success they brought me in my time of need. It would be great to see pictures of your experiences if you ever decide to use eflorist, please post them below and tell me if they had the same reaction!

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