Bodega beer and wine garden, Los Alamos.


If you plan on visiting Los Alamos, California (just off Highway 101) then you need to know what you are getting into. Los Alamos is not your usual town and has so many oddities there, that it is an absolute must for visiting.

One place to visit, for at least an afternoon is the beer garden, Bodega beer garden, Los Alamos. Down at the opposite end of the town (only a short walk through the entire town) is a large white building with a white fence fence around the grounds. Bodega is an open garden, with loads of seating. With a small bar but great staff with an amazing atmosphere this is one of those places that you read about.

The gardens are beautiful with sculptures, features, shade and a French boules area at the back.

What makes this place different, is that is a little bit of tranquility in a maddening world. Music is pumped through speakers around the garden at a low level. The seating is close and comfortable and the most important thing is that it is a place to truly ‘relax.’


Los Alamos was described to us as being oddly normal, well the beers they serve at Bodega fit with that philosophy. They serve some amazing drinks, we were not able to sample all of them but we can highly recommend starting at the top and working your way down. The cans of IPA beer with Pineapple had our eye and of course an order was soon made, no messing.  Then to try the Rose Cider and a few more Farmhouse ales, before hitting the spot of refreshment.


Now we didn’t try all of the beers, there was the coffee infused beers with chile pepper and the earl grey bottled beers but they all sounded great. It was just a shame we could not fit them all in (we had to walk back to the Skyview motel..)

Chatting away to the staff and owners of the place, it was clear what they wanted to create. A relaxed and easy garden where people can come and enjoy the friendship and peaceful surroundings. Well in our opinion they achieved this.

They told us that the  garden and landscapes were already in place before they started this little venture, a lot of effort and planning had gone into it and they wanted to share it with others.

Well thanks to Lauren and the team, we loved being there and can’t wait to be invited back to enjoy another afternoon in the sun and sipping the latest ‘odd’ beer to fit into the oddest town.


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